Fredrick Dent

I was captivated by non-fiction media as a third grade, divergent thinker in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We watched a film for science class about the Innsbruck Goggle Experiments, in which a participant wore goggles that inverted his vision. After a while, his brain re-adjusted and his vision returned to normal orientation with the inversion goggles on.

Of course, when the goggles came off his world was again upside down.

The take away message at this tender age was that perception is very malleable, up is relative, and the most compelling stories are often true. By a path both lengthy and circuitous it became clear that my purpose in life is to create non-fiction films that contribute to the discourse about how we function as a society and as individuals living in this time.

My childhood fascination with perception remains a driving force in my work. Although motion pictures are my medium, anthropology is my theoretical foundation, a useful tool for unpacking belief systems and questioning reality.

 At the core of my work is, to borrow from Isabel Wilkenson, “empathy and recognition of the common humanity of another person.” Recent productions focused on healthcare, social determinants of health, and the opiates crisis.  I have finished principal photography for Derby Brain, and look for a fall 2018 release.  Two really great projects are in development  More will be revealed.

Recently I discovered the joy of teaching as an adjunct professor with courses in video production, anthropology, and interdisciplinary studies.     Curriculum Vita click here